25 January 2017

Karin Schwim, the licensee of Fine & Country Clarens who has been selling residential and commercial property in the Eastern Free State since 1999, recently appointed Marlene van Heerden to manage their office in Clarens. Schwim says, “We have been operational in Clarens since 2010 and have seen a marked increase in sales which lead to the opening of an office in Clarens in 2014. This was due to the nature of the leisure market in Clarens and the need for accessibility to this market. Since 2014, we have strived to uphold the exceptional service standards Fine & Country has set in place. Appointing a principal of Marlene’s calibre was the next logical step.”

Van Heerden says that this is a big new challenge and that her main focus will be residential sales, guest houses and estates. She says, “Clarens has numerous options to choose from, including holiday homes, secure estates, lifestyle estates that are situated in the surrounding mountains and valleys, lifestyle farms and very arable farm land. There is a home for every type of person in Clarens. We will also be handling commercial sales and rentals as the opportunity presents itself. To me relationships are of the utmost importance and service is a priority.”

Buying property in Clarens is considered a good investment opportunity. Real estate in this location is sought-after, not only due to its historical significance and exceptional scenery, but also because of the amenities that the area has to offer. Houses and properties for sale in Clarens tend to maintain high values due to the high demand and growth of this area.

Van Heerden, who has 22 years’ experience in the property industry, owns the Willows Property Group, one of the three largest agencies in Potchefstroom, as well Holidays 4 U, which does holiday letting along the South Coast of KZN and a guest house in Clarens.

Van Heerden, who left behind ten years as advertising representative in the newspaper industry to be with her young family, joined the Camdons Franchise Group where she received the best possible training. Subsequent to that she was offered a position when the Remax concept was brought to South Africa. Afterwards she worked for Aida and a developer with whom she built and sold more than 100 low-cost houses.

Karin Schwim added, “Fine & Country are well-known leaders in the real estate industry. Since opening on 1 May 2010, this office has experienced an exponential growth in the real estate market of Clarens. Clarens is the jewel of the Eastern Free State, a quaint tourist town with potential investors and permanent homeowners. With a staggering increase in potential buyers, we have had to adapt and bring in a new principal to handle the load and keep the office as professional as it has to be in order to maintain our high levels of client service. Growth is still on the increase and we offer everyone the opportunity to come and see where we can make their next dream home come true.”

Marlene van Heerden can be contacted on +27 (0)58 256 1039 or + 27 (0)82 859 7915 or Readers can also visit

Fine & Country is a brand with its origin in the UK and Linda Erasmus, CEO of Fine & Country sub-Saharan Africa operations, says that the building of the brand lies in the experience that each customer has with the brand. When people of such quality amalgamate their skills with a superior brand, the customer’s satisfaction is raised substantially.


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