7 April 2017



6 April saw the official launch of The Rhino’s Are Coming – Grand Rhino Roadshow in Greenmarket Square, Cape Town. Eight life-size rhino artworks were unveiled for the first time to a rousing send off before hitting the road on their carnival float to tour Cape Town and the Winelands to fulfil their mission to win fans and inspire businesses and individuals to sponsor more rhinos. The Rhinos Are Coming!!! is a non-profit organisation raising funds to secure a safer future for our rhinos in the wild.

This eight-month sponsorship drive will lead up to The Rhinos Are Coming three-month exhibition during the summer of 2017/2018 of one hundred or more life-size rhino sculptures transformed by South Africa’s talented artists, famous and emerging, into unique, whimsical, humorous, dazzling, contemporary works of art. The rhinos will then be exhibited at high-foot-traffic locations all around greater Cape Town and the Winelands for all to see. One hundred or more of the transformed rhinos will then be auctioned and the proceeds will be donated to 100% of funds raised by goes to supply game reserves on the front line of poaching with essential equipment and services, such as tracker dogs, ranger kits, ranger training, light aircraft, etc.

While Capetonians are far removed from the frontline of poaching, it nevertheless impacts whether or not our future generations will ever see a rhino. The awareness and educational opportunities associated with The Rhinos are Coming are many.

Greetings from the mid-South Atlantic Ocean came from extreme adventurer, motivational speaker and conservationist, Braam Malherbe, who said, “I have been at sea rowing our little boat, Mhondoro (which means ‘lion spirit’), from Cape Town to Rio de Janeiro for 58 days today. Thus far, my rowing partner, Wayne Robertson, and I have rowed over 6 500 km’s non-stop and expect to reach Rio in the next four weeks. The purpose of this expedition is to get millions of people to DOT; to Do One Thing, for the earth. Most of you here this evening are Doing One Thing; to help save the rhinos from imminent extinction. What an indictment on humanity, indeed, on every South African, if we allow this to happen! It is our duty, as custodians of this planet to do everything conceivably possible to stop this horrific butchery. The poaching of our rhino is a symbol of a much bigger problem – greed and ignorance. Just as we say, as a united South Africa tomorrow, “No more”, to Zuma, so we must stand equally united and say “No more” to the butchery of this iconic species! I urge all of you to Do One Thing, to DOT, and support The Rhinos are Coming as a proudly South African and most laudable initiative. I wish you all well as we row into the night.”

The brainchild of Cape Town designer, Janice Ashby, The Rhinos Are Coming!!! is based on the famous USA outdoor art exhibition company ‘Cow Parade’. Janice witnessed with awe the brightly coloured cows that drew thousands of visitors to cities, as well as the funds they raised from a fascinated public. Returning to South Africa in 2011 and discovering the depth of the rhino plight, Janice resolved to do more than just talking about it. The result is The Rhinos are Coming!!!.

The eight fabulous rhino art pieces to date have been created by both emerging and world-renowned artists Andrew Hart Adler, Beezy Bailey, Children of the Lalela Project, Jade Doreen Waller, Lionel Smit, Nardstar*, Nasser Zadeh and Peter Gray. The first prestigious rhino sponsors demonstrated their confidence by sponsoring the creation of the first eight rhinos. Belmond Mount Nelson, One & Only Hotel, Carlston Rezidor Hotel Group, The Alphen, Timeless Africa Safaris, Africa Secrets, Rhino Disharmony, Pamela Isdell a passionate rhino supporter and Stenströms SA enabled the programme to begin.

The Rhinos Are Coming are confident that high bidders and collectors will compete at the auctions to own such unusual and exclusive works of art.

BY BEING A SPONSOR, PARTNER OR COLLABORATOR BRANDS will enjoy the following significant exposure
* Achieve substantial media exposure for sponsors
* Help bring visitors to Cape Town.
* Help stimulate the local economy
* Improve the triple bottom line of profit, people and planet
* Engage staff and customers

Janice Ashby, founder and project manager of The Rhinos are Coming, says, “By becoming rhino sponsors, companies and individual sponsors will benefit from one of the most spectacular attractions ever to hit Cape Town. We invite sponsors to help lead the stampede.”

Readers who would like to contribute to the cause can contact Janice Ashby on + 27 72 473 5596 or

Other sources of information are
• Website: The Rhinos Are Coming!!!
• You Tube: 2 minute movie
• Facebook: The Rhinos Are Coming!!!
• Twitter: The Rhinos Are Coming!!!

Rosemary Hare Public Relations
P O Box 12521

The Rhinos Are Coming!!!
38 Strathmore Road

Please contact Rosemary Hare on 082 459 6226 or for more information.


The Rhinos Are Coming!!! was founded by Cape Town designer, Janice Ashby, in 2013 when, on her return to Cape Town, she was confronted with the scourge of rhino poaching. After living and working for many years in New York, one of the memories Janice brought back with her was a stunning outdoor art exhibition called Cow Parade animating the grey streets of Chicago. Life size cow sculptures, painted and decorated in various imaginative interpretations by local artists, brought visitors to the city in droves. Over the years she saw more such exhibitions using various uniquely designed animals and shapes, lighting up the streets of host towns and cities all over the USA.
She learned that these exhibitions raised extraordinary amounts of money for worthy causes. She realised that an exhibition of rhinos rather than cows was the perfect vehicle through which to raise funds for rhino protection and also bring a spectacular outdoor art exhibition to Cape Town that would animate the city and the Cape region for three glorious summer months.

Artists from our community, famous and emerging, will transform plain white rhino sculptures into valuable, artistic and visually entertaining works of art. The artist’s name and the sponsor’s branding and mission will be featured on the rhino’s plinth, (the solid base on which the rhinos will be mounted).

Locals and visitors will bump into rhinos on street corners, on squares, in malls and in parks all over Cape Town and surrounds. School children will paint baby rhinos and learn about conservation. Exciting events will take place throughout the fifteen-month programme starting with the launch of the sponsorship drive in February/March 2017.

At the end of the exhibition, the rhinos will be auctioned at a gala auction event and an online auction. The prestige Commemorative Auction Catalogue will feature company branding of the sponsors and partners who are supporting the programme.

100% of the funds raised at the auctions will be donated to where funds will be channeled to key rhino reserves to help secure a safer future for our rhinos in the wild.

1. Roadshow featuring eight sponsored rhinos
2. The eight are exhibited by their sponsors in prominent places in Cape Town
3. Mid-December 2017 to Mid-March 2018 a hundred or more sponsored rhinos go on exhibition in prominent positions in Cape Town for three months
4. Mid-December 2017 – online auction that coincides with the exhibition
5. Mid-April 2018 – a live gala auction event featuring 25 Golden Rhinos painted by high profile artists

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