15 March 2017

Young local owners of RedThread Apparel X are realising their dreams while juggling high school challenges

Aspiring entrepreneurs are typically very passionate, with ambition. But what really separates the wannabes from the successful entrepreneurs is persistence and that’s what the owners of RedThread Apparel X have an abundance off.

They have always had a thing for fashion. Their high school friends took note of their creativity which led them to open their own fashion brand RedThread Apparel X. They started small with one product line and have developed the brand from there.

Daniel Moleka, co-founder of RedThread Apparel X, says, “I just knew how to dress well and Brandon was already a model so he kinda had an idea of the fashion industry, Clive joined afterwards.”

When asked about how they came up with the name, Brandon Williams says, “We actually came up with a lot of names before settling for RedThread Apparel X. It’s called RedThread Apparel X because we used a red thread in the first outfit we made and it had an X in it. The red thread also signifies the thread of destiny which links us together and the spirit of the brand. We try to convey messages through our clothes, like hard work, friendship, etc.”

RedThread Apparel X was launched in July 2016 and has quickly gained peer recognition as their fashion has already been worn by celebrities, like MTV Africa Music Awards winner Fally Ipupa and they have appeared on SABC2’s Hectic Nine 9 show.

Moleka continues, “Shared ambitions among the founders, Brandon Williams, Clive Maqetuka and me have also helped the business evolve quickly, thanks to the support we offer each other. Plus we were extremely lucky to have received some seed funding from an angel investor, invaluable business guidance from my mother and the support of some incredible brand ambassadors.”

Not wanting to be pigeon-holed into any particular genre, the guys want to be fluid with their style and they want it to feel fresh and unique, a style that’s constantly evolving. They want to create trends rather than follow them and don’t release their entire collection at once like most brands. They rather drip feed it little by little to maintain an air of exclusivity. Last year’s collection was called “New Royals” and was inspired by Japanese culture and style. This year’s collection is “Elysian Fields” which is based on Greek mythology. It is all about beauty and divine feeling and is only available in a limited quantity. Think raw fabrics with flowing lines with white, creams and gold.

They also intend to have some pop-up shops in the coming months while they source a suitable manufacturer and outlet for the brand and they don’t intend to stop there. They want to keep forging ahead and plan to expand the company beyond just clothing in the near future.

Moleka concludes, “Running our own business while still at high school is challenging. We have to constantly decide on questions like do we spend the money to create a pop-up shop or do we invest in advertising or PR? Trying to figure out the most cost-effective way to spend each rand is important. We have only really learnt by doing and when we hit a bump in the road, we try to learn from it and move forward. It takes courage to create a business but it can be very rewarding.”

With hearts, smarts, guts and luck, what started as a simple fashion range for themselves is turning into a thriving brand for young men.

The garments can be ordered directly via their Facebook page and Instagram account @redthread_apparel_/.

Readers who require more information can contact Daniel Moleka on 064 055 5097 or .

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