25 August 2016

Karin Schwim, principal, and licensee of Fine & Country Bethlehem and Clarens, details her life as a leading woman in business. She recounts the factors that facilitated her career advancement and her best achievements to date and advises on what women, in particular, can learn from experienced female leaders.

She says, “I found my start in the real estate industry through property development. The first development I embarked on was a high-end shopping complex in the centre of town; I was instantaneously immersed in the real estate industry. I went on to complete a UNISA B Tech Real Estate (Residential Valuator) course and obtained a National Diploma Real Estate”.

When asked what factors facilitated her career advancement, she said, “What set me apart most was my experience in town and regional planning as I managed to fill a gap in the industry that allowed for residential and commercial development opportunities. Being involved in several steering committees, among others the Chamber of Commerce and Free State Tourism forum, particularly, opened doors for my firm in Bethlehem.

“My business was the sole representative of a residential development complex comprising 23 units. Within a week we sold out the entire development. This laid the foundation for us to act on behalf of several other developments in both Bethlehem and Clarens on the sales front. It also allowed us to expand our expertise to the Eastern Free State.”

She adds that women have a different approach to men in the workplace.

She continues, “Female leaders have a way of handling themselves that embodies the soft-handed feminine way of being, with a quest for success that is to be admired. The resilience and discipline applied in their approach is something the industry and, in particular, women within the industry can learn from.”

Schwim urges women in real estate who want to earn respect in the industry to master the following things
“Aspiration – working feverously for the end result. Boldness – it’s a tough line of work, you have to chase what you want. Skill set – never stop learning and study everything you can get your hands on. Lastly, determination – never let anything keep you down. It’s how you recover from failure that determines your success.”

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